International Healthcare Company Saves 200+ Hours per Week in Candidate Hiring

A large international healthcare company which runs a robust internship program had an insufficient solution for handling the thousands of applications it received. Applicants were often not funneled to the right role or education level, which led managers to spend a lot of time and resources in reviewing resumes and struggling to find qualified candidates.

Magnit helped the client manage its internship program more efficiently, save on costs and resources, and short-list the most qualified candidates quickly, driving key results such as:

  • Saving 160-200 hours per week in the intern hiring management process
  • Filling 120 intern positions in 3-4 months, narrowed down from over 9K applicants
  • Receiving high-touch, white-glove service each step of the direct sourcing process
  • And more

Download the case study to learn about the ways implementing direct sourcing can benefit your organization and help you save on resources.

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