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Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce

Magnit is committed to increasing the diversity, equity and inclusion of all employees around the world and across multiple dimensions of human difference. We will reduce inequalities by providing mentorship, career advancement opportunities, and increase engagement through transparency. ​

“The impact of enabling people and embracing differences is critical to success. Our DE&I work is multi-faceted and includes elements that make Magnit more diverse, equitable and inclusive. It is embedded into who we are and is a key component of our code of success.”

-Rebecca Perrault, Global VP of Culture & Diversity

“We are dedicated to creating a truly diverse workforce within Magnit and ensuring we are fostering inclusive experiences for all our employees. We strive to give each person a sense of belonging and empower everyone with equitable professional opportunities to help them thrive.”

-Teresa Carroll, Chief Executive Officer

Our Communities

Through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) our employees have a safe space for networking, support, and open communication. All members have the opportunity to celebrate shared heritage, identities, and interests, while allies can learn more about the communities and how to support their colleagues. ERGs have the power to connect and bring employees together in a meaningful way. Magnit employees feel respected, included, and heard.


Community for persons with disabilities and allies


Community for Latine employees and allies


Community for Black employees and allies

Service Stripes

Community for Veteran employees and allies


Community for LGBTQ+ employees and allies


Community for women employees and allies

Employee Education

At Magnit we strive to block biases and challenge structural inequalities. We encourage all of our employees to complete unconscious bias training and engage in opportunities to continue learning about DE&I. Besides formal training, our team members can also improve their own knowledge on important, complex topics through our regularly released interactive awareness email campaigns. ​

Some of our employees can also impact the diversity of the contingent workforce for Magnit's clients through their consulting expertise. We empower them with the appropriate training to facilitate DE&I conversations with clients and suppliers with training such as Diversity Best Practices. ​

Employee Development

We believe education is key to cultivating awareness and engagement. We empower all employees to take advantage of Magnit’s professional development programs, which have been curated to support them through their entire career path - from being individual contributors to becoming leaders. This helps employees accelerate their professional journeys and develop key skills to drive their success.

We also have collective opportunities to impact one another's professional journeys by participating in mentorship opportunities, either as a mentor or a mentee. Mentorship, especially for underrepresented communities, provides an opportunity for mentees to receive feedback, build professional skills, and feel empowered in their career paths. Mentors appreciate the satisfaction of helping others, building leadership skills, and hearing new perspectives.

Equity in Hiring & Promotions

As key components in diversifying our workforce and improving employee inclusion, we regularly assess and improve the equity in our hiring and promotion processes. We do this by:​

  • Auditing our job descriptions to make them more inclusive and accessible ​
  • Accommodating candidates to improve their recruiting experience​
  • Sourcing candidates from a variety of channels​
  • Blinding candidate resumes to reduce biases​
  • Establishing consistent and standard interview processes​
  • Addressing salary wage gaps​
  • Using monitors that point out inequities during promotion round tables

Our Workforce

We are dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse talent. As an organization, we are making strides to evolve, and we are shaping and influencing our future through our people. Magnit is committed to having a VP+ female representation of 50% by 2030 and increasing people of color representation by 10% by 2030. 

US Race_Ethnicity

Advancing DE&I for Our Clients

We are also devoted to working with our clients to shape the diversity, equity and inclusion of their contingent talent through our DE&I services. Learn more, here

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