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Magnit VMS (Vendor Management System)​

Magnit VMS is a configurable, compatible, and robust cloud-based SaaS solution that manages the end-to-end workflow of your contingent workforce.​

Client Benefits

Magnit VMS is a configurable, compatible and robust cloud-based SaaS solution that manages the end-to-end workflow of your entire contingent workforce, from professional workers to high-volume, shift-based workers. 

100% Program Optimization

Simply and intuitively manage your entire contingent workforce and worker lifecycles through one VMS Platform. Improved on/off boarding, efficiencies, reduction in time to fill, and extensive integrations capabilities.​​

Up to 9% Annual
Cost Savings

Drive savings with cutting-edge, AI-driven features. Manage bill rates and benchmarks with the largest contingent workforce data set. ​​Optimize sourcing channels, rate savings, access to data, OT/DT, and reduction in tail spend. 

90%+ Enhanced Visibility

Gain insights across the complete contingent workforce lifecycle from a single source of truth. Access to #1 in the industry, award winning VMS staffing data, visibility, and insights.

Optimize your Workforce Management Program with the Industry’s Leading VMS Software

Modern & Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive user experience for an enhanced, configurable, easy to use solution for all users.  ​

  • User-friendly UX​
    • Intuitive, Ease of Use, Recognition vs. Recall​
  • Customized Branding​
    • Maintain brand consistency across your systems (logo, fonts, colors)​​
  • Personalized Experience
    • Persona-based views with the UI tailored to user needs​
  • Highly Configurable​
    • Roles, permissions, workflows, custom fields
  • Multi-Channel Experience​​
    • Seamless experience across all channels (web, mobile, email, etc.)​
  • Accessibility​​​​
    • Magnit is deeply committed to ensuring our digital content and user experience is inclusive and accessible to all users
    • Supports a range of accessibility features, as defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Comprehensive Security & Compliance​

Industry-leading global data security and compliance standards to ensure your sensitive information is safe and secure.

  • The Magnit approach to platform security ensures high availability and high performance, including:    
    • Physical access, logical access, application access, application security, auditing governance, and intrusion detection​

  • Expand encryption capabilities with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK):​   

    • Customizable: Include encryption for custom requisition and worker fields

    • Data Management: Infrastructure to store and read encrypted data

    • Compliance: Fixed and configurable lists enable full compliance with personal data regulations​

  • Independently audited security certifications, including:    
    • SOC 1 Type II, SOC2 Type II, CSA Star, UK Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 27001:2013, 27701:2019, 27017:2015, 27018:2014 (US & EU), C5

  • Magnit takes a multi-layered approach to risk mitigation, aligned to:    
    • Deterrence, prevention, containment, detection, recovery, assurance

Seamless Integrations

Robust, flexible integrations platform with the best-in-class Magnit VMS.  ​

  • Highly Configurable​​
    • Deploy quickly with no code release. Compatible with your existing data files and APIs for enhanced flexibility.​
  • Open Architecture
    • Enabling integrations with any commercial or proprietary systems
  • Communications Protocol
    • Leverage an extensive variety of protocols (Web Services, sFTP, HTTP)​​
  • Robust & Scalable​
    • Standard APIs for inbound & outbound integrations, with multiple formats supported (XML, flat file, JSON, etc.)​​​

Actionable Analytics & Dashboards​

Advanced BI dashboards with detailed real-time analytics for ability to view critical staffing and recruitment data for your company requirements.  ​

  • Customized Insights​​
    • Executive persona-based dashboards and analytics tailored to client​
  • Trends & Analytics
    • Gain access to KPI’s and predictive analytics for more informed decision making
  • Full Enterprise Visibility
    • Real-time analytics from global sponsorship to worker level in a few clicks​​​
  • Integrated Pay Intelligence​
    • Streamline the requisition process and drive cost savings with integrated pay intelligence data—all in one platform​​​​

Implementation & Support​

From managing professional workers to high-volume shift-based workers, Magnit designs customized solutions to meet your business goals.   ​

  • Consultative​​
    • Understanding the big picture, delivering optimal design​
  • Experienced
    • Industry experts with 20+ years of experience and 900+ implementations​
  • Proven Methodology
    • Planning/Discovery, Design, Build, Validate, Deployment, Stabilize
  • Governance & Change Management​​
    • Processes customized to your organization​​​​​

Extended Visibility for Your Workforce


Optimize spending with reduced staffing program costs, and increase retention while minimizing business disruption.


Access 360-degree global insights on key hiring intelligence to source top talent at scale.


Gain control over candidate recruitment quality while elevating the candidate experience and increasing time to hire.

The Magnit Vendor Management System Advantage


Years of Market Leadership​




Global Customers

The Magnit Vendor Management System Advantage


Years of Market Leadership​




Global Customers

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