SIA VMS Global Landscape and Differentiators 2021 Report

An increasing number of companies across the globe rely on the contingent workforce to stay ahead of their rapidly changing business needs to remain flexible. As their contingent workforce programs grow in size and complexity, organizations have to carefully consider the right Vendor Management System (VMS) provider to support them.

The new Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) VMS Global Landscape and Differentiators 2021 Report dives into the latest VMS market trends across the globe and outlines how VMS providers are evolving to help organizations overcome emerging challenges in managing their contingent workforce.

Key topics include:

  • Overview of the size and maturity of the VMS market globally
  • Visibility into contingent workforce management trends
  • VMS provider positioning and investment insights
  • Strength and weakness evaluations of VMS providers

Download the report to gain the latest VMS provider insights to help you choose the right partner for your organization’s contingent workforce management needs.

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