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Next-Gen VMS: Orchestrating Total Talent Intelligence

May 23 2023 |

Talent is everywhere, yet in today’s rapidly evolving landscape, it can be overwhelming to determine where and how to source the optimal workforce. Rising attrition rates and a changing macro-environment, among other work trends, highlight the challenges that exist in both sourcing and managing talent.

In this Talent Tech Labs white paper, you’ll learn about the intersection of the Vendor Management System (VMS) and talent intelligence and how these two critical pieces of a comprehensive workforce management platform work together to address these challenges. Topics include:

  • How total talent intelligence is being surfaced by leading VMS technologies
  • Key components and real-world use cases
  • A roadmap for building a business case for next-gen VMS
  • Ensuring the journey to workforce optimization is successful

Check out the white paper and discover how VMS innovation and total talent intelligence can help drive program success across your entire organization.

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