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Magnit (formerly PRO Unlimited) Introduces Total Talent Intelligence to Transform Hiring and Retention

August 1 2022

New solution offers access to the industry’s most comprehensive global pay and bill rate database to provide actionable insights and guidance

BURLINGAME, Calif.—PRO Unlimited, an integrated workforce management (IWM) platform provider, today introduced Total Talent Intelligence (TTI), a solution providing organizations with real-time data on their talent landscape to help inform strategic hiring and retention decisions. The new solution is informed by the industry’s largest market rate, salary, and talent intelligence database.

TTI expands on and integrates with PRO’s IWM platform to provide a comprehensive, robust data analytics solution that helps companies take a strategic approach to building contingent and full-time workforces. The platform’s proprietary data ocean is comprised of over 205 billion data points and continuously mines over 40,000 sources across 160 countries to provide the most up-to-date information on the talent landscape.

“The labor landscape is changing rapidly,” said Dustin Burgess, senior vice president of Total Talent Intelligence at PRO Unlimited. “Hiring decisions that made sense two years ago may not make sense now, and today’s decision may not make sense tomorrow. However, having access to real-time data and analytics empowers recruiters and executives to identify trends and use them to make informed choices based on facts—not theories—about the trajectory of their industry’s labor prospects. That’s the power Total Talent Intelligence puts in businesses’ hands.”

With TTI, users get access to a robust suite of intelligence programs designed to offer the right insights at the right time in the format that is most helpful to the organization. These insights can help organizations accelerate their time-to-fill rates for the most high-demand positions, reduce overall program costs, and meet diversity, equity, and inclusion goals by highlighting previously unknown talent pools.

Key solution highlights include:

  • Pay Intel, which allows users to price talent anywhere in the world with real-time pay and bill rate data for more than 10,000 jobs across all industry verticals. The global dataset includes a wide range of criteria like job responsibilities, experience levels, certifications, education requirements, and more. Pay Intel’s advanced capabilities help companies improve their ability to attract and retain top talent while keeping costs down.
  • Talent Intel, which gives companies access to comprehensive supply and demand, pay rate, and competitive landscape data for any contingent or full-time position. Talent Intel allows companies to search for talent by location, current employer, and job history; identify pipelines for in-demand skillsets; better understand the market; and identify opportunities for improvement in their recruiting processes.

“A volatile labor market directly translates into a need for business leaders to harness the power of intelligence to execute critical talent-based decision-making,” said Christopher J. Dwyer, senior vice president of Research at Ardent Partners and managing director of the Future of Work Exchange. “PRO’s TTI offering is a gamechanger for the world of talent and work. As the business arena faces even more uncertainty in the months ahead, TTI will be a crucial tool that helps procurement, HR, and talent acquisition leaders to transform the ways they engage and source top-tier skillsets and expertise through the application of real-time insights and intelligence.”

Total Talent Intelligence leverages PRO Unlimited’s decades of experience in contingent workforce sourcing, data analysis, and strategy to transform the way companies approach hiring and recruitment. To learn more, visit Total Talent Intelligence Data Platform - PRO Unlimited.

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