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A Message from our CEO, Kevin Akeroyd, on the Importance of Juneteenth

Kevin Akeroyd | CEO | June 15 2022 |

As we continue reflecting on Juneteenth, I wanted to reach out and reinforce the messages this significant day brings to us.

Juneteenth is an important day to recognize our African American ancestors, their decades-long work to achieve equality, and their influence on our culture and society. It is also a day to recognize the growth and change in a society. This is especially important to us at Magnit, as we strive to accelerate the progress toward an inclusive, people-focused culture. I am proud of the work we have done so far with education related to this effort. For example, we have continued to promote unity and understanding through employee forums, trainings, campaigns and education. I am grateful for these accomplishments and look forward to expanding our efforts even further.

In closing, the power of Juneteenth is felt every year, but it is especially significant this year given the recent incidents of hate and violence in our society. And as each of you continue reflecting on this day in your own way, let us make sure to not only celebrate the past, but also carry those learnings in our future and commit to working together toward a better future.

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