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Magnit Empowers Youth Social Action and Entrepreneurship with Enactus UK

Magnit | June 14 2023 |

Kees Stroomer

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the largest youth social action and social enterprise education charity in the UK – Enactus UK. Empowering young entrepreneurial spirits to create a positive impact in their communities, Enactus UK operates as an independent social enterprise, supporting over 3,500 young individuals annually.

This collaboration reflects Magnit's commitment to supporting the next generation of leaders, fostering a more sustainable and inclusive world, and playing our part in the continuing evolution of work.  

Let's delve deeper into the details of this exciting partnership.

Enactus UK: Transforming Lives and Communities

Enactus UK’s mission is to invest in students who take entrepreneurial action for the betterment of society. With more than 60 university partners and a diverse range of backgrounds and subjects studied, the organization offers a platform for students to engage in real-life social action and environmentally friendly enterprises.

Through Enactus projects, teams of students directly improve the lives of project beneficiaries, with some 26,000 people helped each year. The focus is on empowering young people and the elderly, addressing social mobility, technology for good, the circular economy, community engagement, and youth empowerment. 

Magnit's Contribution: Empowering Diversity and Professional Development

Magnit's partnership with Enactus UK is rooted in several key deliverables. Firstly, it provides Magnit with opportunities to engage with the student community on vital issues such as equity, diversity, and inclusion. Through initiatives like reverse mentoring and listening sessions, Magnit can help foster an inclusive environment and encourage diversity in careers across higher education institutions.

Additionally, Magnit's involvement in Enactus UK's NextGenLeader program showcases the company's commitment to promoting diversity in the workforce. By inspiring and supporting young entrepreneurs, Magnit encourages the next generation to embrace purposeful careers.

Moreover, the partnership drives employee engagement and professional development within Magnit. The Enactus UK coaching program offers opportunities for senior executives to share their expertise, guide student teams, and contribute to their growth. 

Magnit as a Purpose-Led Company

Through its partnership with Enactus UK, Magnit is honored to deepen its mission as a purpose-led organization and investor in the responsible workforce of the future. In addition, aligning with Enactus UK's values and programs provides an opportunity for Magnit to strengthen its dedication to social and environmental sustainability.

Beyond the key deliverables, Magnit will also have the chance to encourage volunteer engagement by attending and judging Enactus UK's national and global competitions. These events provide networking opportunities with fellow board members and stakeholders, facilitating valuable connections within the corporate world.

Magnit's partnership with Enactus UK exemplifies the company's commitment to empowering youth social action and entrepreneurship. By engaging with Enactus UK's student community, promoting diversity, and driving professional development, Magnit is proud to contribute to creating a more sustainable and inclusive world. 

Find out more about Enactus UK on their website.

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