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Understanding Contingent Worker Redeployment

Ryan McNally | April 12 2022 |

In today’s hotly contested labor market, organizations are losing talent in a matter of minutes and seconds rather than days and weeks. In this landscape, savvy organizations are looking for new contingent workforce management solutions to retain their top-tier contingent workers rather than losing them and having to waste precious time and money re-recruiting, re-sourcing, and re-onboarding these positions.

What is Contingent Workforce Redeployment?

Contingent worker redeployment offers a smart way to achieve these objectives. It typically involves working with an analytics partner and Vendor Management System (VMS) to combine an organization’s “open roles” with various pieces of active workforce data. Done properly, this can provide insights into which workers are coming off assignment and might be a potential fit for new needs.

Benefits of Strategic, Proactive Contingent Workforce Redeployment 

Positive outcomes of strategic, proactive worker redeployment include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Greater Talent Level
  • Better Culture Fit
  • Faster Time to Fill

Several of Magnit’s clients have recently realized the benefits of redeployment. For example, a leading life-sciences company began using the redeployment dashboard in Magnit VMS to match new opportunities with existing workers to drive savings, efficiency and quality. Since it began using the dashboard, the time to fill and worker survey ratings have been substantially better for the redeployed fills compared to other fills.

Advantages of a Workforce Redeployment Dashboard

The redeployment dashboard has also helped reduce recruiting, onboarding and vacancy costs since the workers are already in the program and can be redeployed quickly.

With the right approach, redeployment delivers benefits to not only the hiring organization but also to suppliers (less resources expended) and workers (stay at companies they like without a break in compensation). Furthermore, with a little bit of creativity redeployment can be leveraged in different ways beyond just traditional end-of-engagement scenarios.

To get more details on redeploying contingent workers, including initial steps to consider when implementing this approach, check out this redeployment article at by Magnit (formerly PRO Unlimited).

If you’re interested in learning more about how Magnit is helping organizations implement winning contingent workforce programs globally, please contact a Magnit representative at

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