Solutions Brief

Collecting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Data

May 15 2022 |

As organizations increase their focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), they must find ways to leverage diversity data to create actionable change. Having an analytics-based approach is the key to understanding how to improve inclusion, belonging and equity within business operations. However, many organizations are unsure about how to approach collecting and leveraging this sensitive data given privacy and legal implications.

Our data sheet, “Collecting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Data,” outlines different factors for businesses to consider as they collect, report and use diversity data within their organizations. Topics include:

  • Getting started with collecting diversity data
  • Customizing internal processes for your organization
  • Measuring DE&I and using data to inform priorities
  • Ensuring DE&I data privacy and protection, and more

Download the data sheet and learn how diversity data can help inform your DE&I strategy to drive real change across your organization.

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