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Intro to Direct Sourcing: Learn about the benefits it offers organizations

May 25 2022 |

The contingent workforce continues to grow, currently comprising about 40% of the total workforce; and 90+ percent of HR professionals expect this number to grow or hold steady in the next three years. To help source this workforce, many leading organizations are turning to direct sourcing. Direct sourcing is the supplementing of traditional sourcing channels by creating private talent pools of known (alumni, silver medalists, referrals, retirees) and unknown (brand-attracted) talent.

As the contingent workforce continues to grow and organizations’ programs become more mature, direct sourcing will take on increased importance in helping companies reach their program goals.

Utilizing Direct Sourcing is helpful for a plethora of reasons, correctly using direct sourcing can bring benefits such as:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Fill time improvement
  • Improved ability to monitor and drive diversity initiatives
  • Mitigated employee turnover risk

The journey to optimizing direct sourcing will be ongoing for the foreseeable future, learn how to begin your path to correctly using direct sourcing. Download the solution brief!

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