Magnit DE&I: It takes diversity of all dimensions to create a truly global, transformative business

Contingent workers are a significantly large and growing part of today’s workforce, and Magnit is committed to working with some of the largest organizations in the world to drive Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) deep into their talent ecosystems. Magnit stands united with its employees, partners and clients in this important journey.

The Magnit DE&I platform combines Magnit's 30+ years of industry expertise, D&I knowledge, the world's largest data repository and proven technology with research-based strategies from Stanford University's VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab (WLIL). 

Magnit DE&I focuses on four key areas of D&I, including:

  • Cultural inclusion
  • Worker diversity
  • Diversity intelligence
  • Supplier diversity

Download this solution brief today to learn how Magnit supports organizations around the world in each of these four areas of D&I.

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