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4 Contingent Employer of Record Trends Shaping the Future of Work

December 7 2023 |

The pandemic, remote work, and economic uncertainty have led to major changes in contingent workforce management. As organizations are expanding their extended workforce in size and to new geographies, they’re facing complex challenges surrounding payroll and compliance, and are turning to contingent Employer of Record (EOR) providers for their expertise.

In our ebook, “4 Contingent Employer of Record Trends Shaping the Future of Work,” you’ll learn about four emerging trends surrounding contingent workforce management and how organizations are turning to contingent EORs to overcome roadblocks. Topics include:

  • Payroll and compliance becoming complex as organizations expand globally
  • Friction points in on/offboarding entering the forefront in the war for talent
  • Contingent worker experience becoming a priority for the C-suite
  • Data, intelligence, and advisory services emerging in EOR solutions, and more

Download the ebook now to gain valuable insights on contingent workforce management shifts and to learn how an innovative contingent EOR partner can help your organization thrive with the evolution of work. 

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