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The New Role for the Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Human Capital Management

December 16 2022 |

Managed service providers (MSP) haven’t historically been a part of strategic human capital management conversations, but that is starting to change. Companies are now recognizing that they can leverage contingent talent to do more than fill temporary holes in the workforce. But how can leading organizations best partner with MSPs to bring in critical skills, maintain business agility and more?

In this Brandon Hall Group report, “The New Role for the Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Human Capital Management,” you’ll learn about the ways organizations are teaming with MSPs to give them a competitive edge with their contingent talent acquisition and management strategies, including:

  • How companies are gaining the ability to adapt to sudden market shifts
  • Ways MSPs help in establishing dynamic, curated and engaged talent communities
  • Key steps you can take to drive program success and help optimize your workforce

Download the white paper for proven strategies for utilizing contingent talent within your organization to its full potential and maintaining flexibility in the face of an unpredictable labor market.  

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