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How to Use Your Brand to Attract Top Talent

February 28 2023 |

Did you know that 92% of people would consider changing jobs if offered a role with a company with an excellent corporate reputation?

Contingent workers are now a significant portion of the workforce and are even more strategic than ever before. So how do you create better alignment between your employer brand and the candidates you need to attract and retain top talent? Find out how some companies are leveraging their brand to hire more than 25% of their contingent labor requisitions through direct sourcing placements while building a thriving talent cloud.

  • Creating a contingent-specific talent brand experience
    • How to craft the right perception of your brand for a contingent job seeker. Distinct from FTE journey, but aligned to overall employer values
  • Clarity of company value proposition
    • Communicate your employer value proposition to connect with candidates most in line with your values
  • Quality of the job seeker experience
    • How your organization can measure for optimization of the candidate experience


  • Justen Barber, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition Strategy & Strategic Programs, ServiceNow
  • John Poore, GM, Direct Sourcing, Magnit
  • Frank Enriquez, Director CWS Council, SIA

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