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The Importance of Actionable Business Intelligence

July 21 2021 |

With the speed at which the labor market is changing, it is more critical than ever for business leaders to leverage technology and data to make informed decisions. Having access to current, accurate, and relevant data is a good start, but super-charging the decision making process through actionable business intelligence is even better.

Join Magnit experts, to learn how Magnit's business intelligence can empower you to optimize your contingent labor workforce to:

  • Easily track global worker headcount with interactive drill downs
  • Understand how labor costs vary in different global markets, leveraging the world's largest market rate repository and dataset
  • See who is spending money on contingent labor, and how efficiently are they spending
  • Embrace the opportunity to improve time to fill, through detailed reporting on process steps, bottlenecks, and opportunity areas
  • Effectively track the quality and success of a contingent labor program

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