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U.S. Labor Market Report Fall 2022

September 26 2022 |

As we move into Q4 2022, the marketplace remains highly volatile. Stock markets are fluctuating, the Euro hit parity with the U.S. dollar for the first time in 20 years, and inflation is wreaking havoc across global supply chains. In this unpredictable landscape, how can organizations source and retain high-quality contingent talent while minimizing unnecessary expenses?

Magnit’s latest U.S. Labor Market Report analyzes billions of data points to offer insights you can use to improve workforce agility, overcome inflationary challenges and win the war for talent. Topics include:

  • Optimizing pay rates and benefits to improve retention
  • Mitigating inflation costs through redeployments
  • Navigating the IT and technology skills shortage
  • Uncovering new ways to drive cost savings

Download the exclusive report and unlock data-driven strategies that will help your organization gain a competitive advantage in talent acquisition, cost optimization and business continuity.

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