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Regulatory Newsletter – Q2 2023: Key Takeaways from the Latest Workforce Legislation

May 16 2023 |

The Q2 2023 edition of Magnit’s Quarterly Newsletter is here! The regulatory newsletter highlights important changes and events in labor markets across the globe and provides key insights from various experts from Legal, HR, Contractor Compliance Services, Immigration, and Client Payroll Operations teams.

North American Regulatory Topics include:

  • California Provides Guidance on Required Labor Contractor Data Reporting
  • New Jersey and Pennsylvania Create New Interstate Task Force
  • Governmental Targeting Misclassification Under the ABC Test
  • Illinois to Require Paid Leave for All
  • USCIS Premium Processing for F-1 Students
  • Plus 9 other items!

EMEA and APAC Regulatory Topics include:

  • Poland: Remote Work and Predictable Working Conditions
  • Switzerland: Data Protection Act
  • United Kingdom: Upcoming Legal Developments
  • Privacy Concerns Over Use of AI systems, such as ChatGPT
  • Australia: Overview of the New Modern Award in IT, Engineering and Science Industry
  • Plus 4 other items!

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