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Next-Generation Services Procurement: Data-Driven and Optimized for the Future of Work

April 11 2023 |

Massive cost savings opportunities exist in services procurement and SOW management, making it the next big frontier for business leaders of the extended workforce. However, decentralized management processes, visibility gaps, and a lack of strategic vision are limiting leaders’ ability to approach this complex area of spend in a more transformational way.

In this Ardent Partners report, you’ll learn how organizations can rethink their services procurement and SOW management programs to realize significant gains. Topics include:

  • Leveraging advanced technology to automate and scale key processes
  • Augmenting decision-making via real-time total talent intelligence
  • Executing progressive, innovative ideas to drive organizational agility
  • Understanding (and fixing!) services procurement’s pricing model problem

Download the white paper and discover how you can take a data-driven approach to services procurement that improves efficiency, increases visibility and drives significant cost savings.

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