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How AI Is Driving Exciting Breakthroughs in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Ryan McNally | May 2 2022 |

A recent Fortune/Deloitte survey indicated that more than 95% of CEOs consider diversity, equity and inclusion a “personal strategic priority.” Another survey by Gartner reported that diversity and inclusion is the No. 1 talent management priority for CEOs.

With more companies prioritizing diversity, new challenges have arisen around how to actually achieve it. Questions include:

  • How can we help remove unconscious bias from the hiring process?
  • How can we best widen the talent pool to bring in more diverse candidates for jobs, roles and locations where diversity has traditionally been a challenge?
  • How can we target underrepresented groups in the most efficient, fairest way possible?

Leveraging AI Technology to Address  DE&I Challenges

Technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are emerging as a critical part of addressing these challenges. Exciting new advancements in machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing are helping organizations achieve their diversity objectives.

new Forbes article by Ted Sergott, Magnit’s EVP of Product Development, digs into how organizations can leverage AI to increase diversity. 

Reducing Unconscious Bias

As Sergott explains, next-generation AI technologies are helping organizations take a bigger step in reducing unconscious bias by removing all potential pieces of bias so only objective data points remain.

Expanding the Talent Pool

AI can help companies widen their talent pool by analyzing job descriptions and alerting organizations to opportunities to adjust language in the description to attract a more diverse audience.

Eliminating Additional Barriers to Diversity

Sergott discusses the importance of using technology to help identify where candidates from diverse groups are falling out of the pipeline. Used strategically, the right technology can reveal barriers to diversity beyond the initial resume review.

For much more about this topic, including how AI can help in these areas, use cases, and steps organizations can take in preparation for leveraging AI, check out Ted’s article, “ Using AI to Block Unconscious Bias, Widen the Talen Pool and Increase Diversity.

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