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Webinar: Are you Ready for the Upswing? Navigating Global & Local External Workforce Trends - with Deloitte

April 26 2024 |

Historical data indicates that following a period of economic uncertainty, the demand for contingent workforce surges significantly.

Join us for an insightful webinar hosted by Magnit and Deloitte, where we delve into the intricate landscape of both global and local external workforce trends. In this session, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving workforce ecosystem and discover why it's imperative to take proactive measures now. Our discussion will encompass a range of critical topics, including:

  • The Expansive Workforce Ecosystem: We'll explore the upcoming trends in 2024 and provide an in-depth look into the evolving workforce ecosystem.
  • Best Practices in Total Talent Management: Learn how to strategically plan your talent needs by considering the entire workforce, encompassing both full-time employees and contingent workers.
  • Seizing Control of Your Contingent Workforce: Drawing from insights from a recent report by MIT Sloan and Deloitte, we'll underline why now is the optimal time to take better control of your contingent workforce.
    • Visibility and Transparency: Discover how to gain deep and actionable visibility and transparency into your external workforce.
    • Optimising External Workforce Costs: Gain key insights into controlling and optimising the costs associated with your external workforce.
    • Compliance Strategies: Stay ahead of the curve by understanding and implementing strategies for compliance with new regulations and laws 


Webinar: Are you Ready for the Upswing? Navigating Global & Local External Workforce Trends - with Deloitte


Josefine Heldeborn, Partner and Head of Human Capital at Deloitte Sweden
Ever since I left university,  I have worked in the field of Human Capital. Whether as an advisor or in an operational role, I have worked with a wide variety of companies to define and implement Human Capital Strategies that align with corporate strategy. This includes to design and execute ambitious and complex Change and Transformation Programs and create and run high performance Organizational Designs.

In business, you often hear that, "People are our most valued asset." My whole career, my focus and my passion are all about actually making this statement come to life. But what does it take to really make this so? As the world continues to change and we are impacted by social, economic and technological trends, we have to continuously challenge and re-think the relationship between Business, Organization and People.

Webinar: Are you Ready for the Upswing? Navigating Global & Local External Workforce Trends - with Deloitte


Daniel Persson, Vice President Sales, Magnit Nordics
I have many years of experience in the Workforce Management industry and am passionate about driving growth and value for Magnit’s clients and partners with our leading Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) platform. Magnit is a pioneer and innovator in contingent workforce management, enabling companies to optimize talent and diversity goals while achieving operational and financial success.

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