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Getting the Green Light and Building a Scalable Framework for Your Direct Sourcing Program

Maggie Getova | August 8 2022 |

Many companies are beginning to implement direct sourcing to help them navigate the shortage of top talent.  As more workers turn to freelancing and contract work, many are struggling to get the green light and build a scalable direct sourcing model.

In our last blog, we explored some of the best practices for getting started on implementing direct sourcing strategy. In part two of this series, we’re going to cover how to socialize the idea, secure approvals, and create alignment across your organization.

In this blog post we’ll cover how direct sourcing program owners can:

  1. Secure executive sponsorship
  2. Seek stakeholder approvals and alignment
  3. Recruit change champions

In addition, this post will outline what to look for when building a scalable framework, including important considerations for selecting a technology solution and a curation partner.

Secure Executive Sponsorship

Lack of understanding of the business case for direct sourcing can be a barrier in launching or expanding a program. Executives play a major role in overcoming this obstacle and facilitating change, especially in an organization where change can be a challenge. They are also critical because they ensure that the initiative’s goals are aligned with the overall company strategy, they authorize funding and resources, and provide credibility as you seek approval from necessary departments. To help secure buy-in, ensure that stakeholders and executives understand the benefits of implementing a successful direct sourcing program, including better access to talent pools, faster hiring, cost savings, and more.

Seek Stakeholder Approvals for Alignment

The best way to win support is for leadership to fully engage approvers and the biggest users of staffing services, anticipate their concerns and objectives, and make the greatest efforts to satisfy them. Having broad stakeholder support and adoption is also key to scaling quickly. Alignment ensures that every person in the organization supports the direct sourcing process from initial outreach to engagement, rewards, and redeployment.

Recruit Change Champions

During stakeholder meetings, look for those who are engaged and willing to beta test direct sourcing for their contingent workers. These managers play a critical role in expanding the ecosystem of participants in direct sourcing and can provide valuable feedback to your organization.

They also become influential figures to other leaders and help to encourage change and risk-taking by creating a positive image about what’s possible in the future. (To learn about the benefits organizations can see with implementing a successful direct sourcing program, click here.)

In addition to securing executive support, stakeholder approvals and change champions, it’s vital to have a scalable framework to successfully launch and optimize your direct sourcing program.

Building a Scalable Framework

A direct sourcing framework needs to be able to handle thousands of independent workers while maintaining quality, user satisfaction, and support of the organization’s direct sourcing goals. There are two core components that are necessary to building a scalable direct sourcing framework – a technology solution and a curation partner. Here are some key considerations for evaluating them.

Things to Look for When Selecting a Technology Solution

  1. A Smooth Candidate Journey. Your biggest focus should be on the candidate’s needs and experience as they interact with technology. Create an effective UX design that is clear and allows candidates to easily complete tasks. This will help to not only keep the process smooth, but to also attract and retain directly sourced candidates.
  2. A Smooth Hiring Manager Journey. Make sure your system can effectively serve the needs of your talent management team and contingent workforce leaders, including screening resumes, coordinating interviews and more. It must be able to manage any task that your manager may need to complete to move the process along.
  3. Process Efficiencies. Your system should be able to seamlessly handle the entire end-to-end direct sourcing lifecycle. It also needs to be able to scale and accommodate program growth. The right technology can significantly help in creating efficiencies, eliminating roadblocks, and reducing complexity in the direct sourcing process.

Things to Look for When Selecting a Curation Partner

It’s important to evaluate an internal team’s bandwidth and abilities when choosing between insourced and outsourced talent acquisition. Here are some questions to consider when deciding if a partner is the right fit for your organization.

  1. Who has the capabilities for delivering results and a positive candidate experience?
  2. Who is best suited for building and maintaining relationships with candidates?
  3. Who is best suited for proactively anticipating the needs of the business?

In addition, experience and cost effectiveness need to be considered. The curation team’s responsibilities should be clearly defined to ensure smooth communication and handoff among teams and make steady progress toward achieving your program goals.

Strengthening the Foundation of Your Direct Sourcing Program

For your direct sourcing program to be successful, it’s important to make sure you secure support early on. Not only do you need it from stakeholders and executives, you also need it from your other leaders so they can provide beneficial feedback to help you refine your program as needed.

Having a scalable framework is also an additional, necessary foundational element of direct sourcing success, as it enables your managers to source talent in the most efficient fashion while the organization expands.

To gain further insights on optimizing direct sourcing for your business, download our exclusive white paper with Staffing Industry Analysts, “Making Direct Sourcing Work in Your Organization: Best Practices From Industry Pioneers.

Stay tuned for part three where we’ll discuss how to pilot, refine, and expand your direct sourcing program and provide tips for engaging with candidates.

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