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Client Benefits

Our Contractor Compliance Services program provides clients with a best-in-class, global, comprehensive contractor risk management program. Our expert team of compliance professionals has successfully evaluated thousands of global engagements to ensure clients are safely engaged with properly classified workers.

Risk Mitigation

Conduct a risk assessment as the first step toward total compliance. We perform an in-depth contingent labor assessment to identify co-employment risks upfront.

Sustainable Program

Establish a customized compliance and risk mitigation program. We address common risks by embedding strong compliance processes into your contingent labor program.


Monitor and reassign workers to a different internal status or project. We train your teams to manage risk and compliance and ensure staffing suppliers follow your worker classifications.

30+ Years of Proven Expertise in Risk and Compliance

Dedicated Team

Reduce co-employment risk with a team of dedicated human resource consultants that serve as the primary liaison for staffing suppliers, the supplier’s employees, and other contingent workers.

Standardized Policies

Gain security knowing all wages, benefits, hours of work and working conditions for all contingent workers are either provided, administered, or directed by respective employers – the supplier or agency.

Benefit Provisioning

Ensure efficiency, compliance and positive worker experience by allowing us to monitor, enforce and provision benefits for your temporary workers.

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