Employer of Record (EOR) Services

As the contingent workforce grows, there is an exponential increase in the complexity of managing sourcing, regulations, pay rates, and worker benefits. Organizations need Employer of Record (EOR) Services that optimize compliance, payroll, and benefits processes to mitigate risk and maximize the contingent worker experience.

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Client Benefits

Magnit delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Employer of Record (EOR) services and Worker Experience solutions for enterprises worldwide, which is fully customizable to fit your requirements.

100% Compliance

Successfully meet all compliance requirements via ongoing access to a team comprised of former IRS Auditors and legal professionals.

20%+ Cost

Save on every engagement that is filled as a payroll order vs. an agency order.

99% Positive

Best-in-class benefits coupled with the industry’s first on-demand EOR payroll solution for the contingent workforce delivers an elevated worker experience.

Better Attract, Manage and Retain Talent with Our EOR Services


Effectively and intelligently identify, engage and secure the best talent in the world and achieve diversity goals through our direct sourcing solution, powered by Eightfold's AI technology. We offer:

  • Trends, analysis and reporting on hiring activity to provide unprecedented visibility across the entire workforce
  • Optimized pay rates to ensure the most competitive offers
  • Accelerated time-to-fill rates through a comprehensive understanding of your global talent landscape

Comprehensive Worker Benefits

Offer workers the industry’s most comprehensive benefits package, which includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage across medical, vision, dental and more
  • Expedited onboarding and training processes
  • Access to the industry’s first on-demand pay solution for the contingent workforce

Process Efficiencies

Provide workers and managers with an enhanced experience through our integrated VMS, which is easily accessible by web browser or mobile app. Users can easily:

  • Enter and view timecards via a centralized system of record
  • Track & enter expenses in real-time
  • Manage contracts and invoices without additional hassle or third-party logins

Extended Visibility for Your Workforce



Comprehensive program visibility coupled with ongoing education and support to achieve full workforce compliance. Full access to contingent workforce spend.



Directly source top talent from curated talent clouds. Best-in-class benefits packages pair with expedited onboarding and training processes from an award-winning, omnichannel system of record



True vendor neutrality bypasses staffing agency markups to drive cost savings. Access to the world’s largest market rate, salary and talent intelligence repository.

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