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Strategic Advisory

Magnit Strategic Advisory helps organizations streamline their contingent workforce programs and make data-driven decisions in all industries around the world.

Client Benefits

Magnit Strategic Advisory specializes in providing custom data analysis and optimization solutions for contingent workforce programs that enable organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively.​


Design more efficient and effective workforce programs by identifying and measuring key metrics that drive success.

Reduce Program Costs

Develop hiring and retention strategies that are optimized for cost with comprehensive market intelligence.

Gain Actionable Insights​

Establish recurring analytics and benchmark for business, market and competitive intelligence.

Advisory Solutions for Contingent Workforce Programs​

Workforce Program Design

Comprehensive analysis of current workforce to provide visibility into spend, headcount, key metrics, savings opportunities, governance, and best practices.

  • Obtain a roadmap and tools necessary to realize overall program goals 
  • Design a program to achieve increased speed, quality, and improve cost savings
  • Effectively manage your CW program relying on decades of proven consultation

Market Analysis & Sourcing Strategies​

Optimize job title taxonomy, identify opportunities, and make recommendations on global workforce mix, pay bands, sourcing locations and strategies.

  • Assess global regulatory issues, competitive pressures & talent supply/demand 
  • Use the world’s largest data ocean to make improved sourcing decisions 
  • Leverage data and expertise to maximize the remote workforce

Benchmarking and Optimization​

Assess current program processes, policies, and technologies to identify cost saving opportunities and provide guidance on best practices for maximum ROI.

  • Compare benchmarks to improve satisfaction, quality, and compliance
  • Obtain year-over-year material cost savings in excess of 10% per year
  • Ensure extended workforce is aligned with goals and performing optimally

Market Rate & Compensation Analysis​

Provide job taxonomy alignment, pay/bill rate guidance, and skill-based intelligence to maximize hiring strategies anywhere in the world.

  • Utilize 205B+ data points, expertise, and validation for reliable rate intel
  • Achieve complete taxonomy and market rate alignment driving 10%+ savings
  • Ensure market-competitive pricing globally, adhering to pay transparency regulations

Extended Visibility for Your Workforce



Access global insights including hiring intelligence data to identify and source top talent at scale. 



Utilize real-time global market rate data to maximize cost-savings and benchmark DE&I goals.​



Optimize sourcing strategies that reduce costs, increase fill rates, and drive program efficiencies.

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